Elangrill: manufacturing and sale of traditional and vertical rotisseries, salamander grills, and gas, electric, wood and charcoal churrascos 

Wood, electric and gas rotisseries; but also charcoal churrascos for southern american cuisine, pizza grills for high-dish pizzas, salamanders for grilling, and professional Kebab Gyros, lava stone grills, heated  cabinets… professional meat cooking devices are many, and each with its own peculiarities.

With quality stemming from experience, Elangrill designs, manufactures and sells wood rotisseries and all connected products, with required CE certification for gas and electric models. Whatever cooking device a restaurant of any size may need – from a vertical rotisserie for a limited number of roast chickens to a large planetary turnspit that can cook up to 126 chickens per hour, up to a large electric churrasco with rotating swords that can prepare several mixed-meat swords at one time – Elangrill has the idealmodel, and all required accessorlies for the best results.

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Churrasco Great Deal 2015

Churrasco Great Deal 2015

Cooking with swords of all types of meat, fish and vegetables. Versatile, practical and distinctive, thanks to the automatic rotation of the spits is a great help in the kitchen because it does not require continuous presence of the cook as for the classical grill!...

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Pizza Grill

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