Salamandra Series

Electric or gas Salamandra grill: cook and grill meat, fish and vegetables!

Salamander grills are the ideal multi-purpose product for restaurants. Designed to cook meat, fish and vegetables , they are available both in gas and electric models. Its stainless steel frame, with heat radiating down from above, allows to use tbe Salamander for cooking and grilling dishes of all kinds, and eve n as a plate heater for top-leve! service!

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salamandra grill plus
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Gas and Electrics Models
Salamandra Grill Plus

salamandra grill plus

Technical Features
  • Supporting structure in stainless steel;
  • Height adjustable grid;
  • Internal light;
  • Estraible collecting fat tray;
  • Dimensions: mm 1085 x 400 x 508h;
  • 2 Superior Gas Burner and safety valves;
  • Thermal Power 7,8 Kw
  • Resistances;
  • Power kw 5;
  • Volts 400 3N;



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Grill and Plate


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