Double Grill series

Double Grill Planetaries: compact and high-performing at high production levels!

Gas planetary rotisseries are the perfect product for all venues that need to quickly serve chicken, fries and roast meat. Elangrill’s Double Grill Planetaries have an exclusive double disk system which allows for use of the top section for fries and vegetables, and bottom section for chicken and roast meat. Like on the Beta and Delta series, Double Grill Gas Planeta ries allow the user to block disks and let the turnspits rotate, so that foods can be kept closer to the heat source and cooked faster with substantial energy savings. The frame is made of stainless steel, for top sturdiness even with intensive use.

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Double Grill Gas Models
Double Grill 84P


Technical Features
  • Supporting structure in ribbed and reinforced stainless steel;
  • Patented cooking system with stainless steel reflectors and reflecting bars;
  • Dual Planetary system;
  • Interior light;
  • Removable gravy collecting tray in stainless steel;
  • Multigas burner with safety valve and pilot light;
  • 24 V motor-reducers;
  • Tempered glass fronts;
  • Temperature display;
  • Spits: in tubular stainless steel 12 x 12 mm; n° 6+6, mm 1115;
  • Dimensions: mm 1450 x 680 x 1230 h.;
  • Weight: 170 Kg;
  • Power: 100 W;
  • Thermal power: 26,5 Kw;
  • Consumption: 2,07 Kg/h GAS GPL;
  • Chicken capacity: up to 84 pieces of 1 Kg.

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